My daughter Rianne also became interested in WWII; she got the same ‘fever’.

Summer 2015 she made a trip to America and visited our friends, the Gibbons family in Scotia, NY. Together with Brendan Gibbons she visited a WWII re-enactment event in Reading, PA. Especially for this event we bought her a uniform of the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (July 1, 1943 re-named to WAC: Women’s Army Corps).

The collection also contains several items of the WASP Women’s Air Service Pilots. The WASP was originally NOT a military organization.These women were trained to become pilot of all kinds of planes; they had to fly new planes to for instance England or worked as flight instructor at air bases all over America.

On this page you’ll find things of our WAC and WASP collection.


AVn Nijswiller 20-09-15 (81) AVn Nijswiller 20-09-15-2 (75)

Hand Signed Photo WASP pilot Elaine D Harmon from Baltimore, Maryland (December 26, 1919 – April 21, 2015 – buried at Arlington National Cemetery):

Elaine D Harmon WASP

IMG_7617 IMG_7618

3 Hand Signed Photos WASP pilot Bernice Bee Falk Haydu (born December 15, 1920 in Montclair, New Jersey). She was an engineering test pilot and a utility pilot at Pecos Army Airfield. After the war she was several years president of the Order of Fifinella and Women Military Aviators :

photo_Bernice Bee Falk Haydu_WASP_web

1024px-WASP_Congressional_Gold_MedalWASP Congressional Gold Medal signing ceremony, 2009; Bernice Falk Haydu is standing in front at the left, next to President Barack ObamaBernice_Haydu_at_Maxwell_Air_Force_Base,_June_5,_2014Bernice Falk Haydu, June 2014

IMG_7608 IMG_7610 IMG_7613 IMG_7619


WAC Named US Army Personal Effects bag, MD bag, Ditty Bag. Name on bag: “Kathleen Connolly”. made by S. Froehlich Co. Inc. :

IMG_7644 IMG_7645 IMG_7646

Personal writings of women of the WASP:IMG_3635 IMG_3634 IMG_3633 IMG_3632 IMG_3631 IMG_3630

Patch of the WASP (reproduction):


Match box covers of the WAAC (original) :IMG_3711 IMG_3712


WAAC medal 1942 (original):IMG_3551 IMG_3552 IMG_3553



WW2 WAC ribbons (original):


Recruting metal sign/poster:IMG_3666 IMG_3737

Guidon WAAC (original):IMG_3740 IMG_3741


Sweethearts bracelet (original):

IMG_2883 IMG_2884 IMG_3005

WAC dress uniform 2nd LT (reproduction):

IMG_3176 IMG_3177 oude foto IMG_3192IMG_2934IMG_2881IMG_2878

WW2 US original WAC photos  (most taken at El Paso, 1944):

img_7419 img_7420 img_7422 img_7428 img_7429 img_7430 img_7431



WW2 US WAC booklet “Facts you want to know about the WAC” (original):

img_7362 img_7363 img_7364 img_7365 img_7366 img_7367 img_7368 img_7369 img_7370 img_7371 img_7372 img_7373

WW2 US WAC Handbook First Women’s Army Corps Training Center, Fort Des Moines, Iowa; name of original owner of the book on backside of the handbook !! (original) : img_7390 img_7391 img_7392 img_7393 img_7394 img_7395 img_7396 img_7397 img_7398 img_7399 img_7400 img_7401 img_7402 img_7403


WAC items:

img_7378 img_7379 img_7381 img_7382Reenactment items Rianne used during the Reading, PA, event 2015:

img_7384 img_7385Boarding Pass for her flight with the B-17 Yankee Lady:



Booklet “WACS in the ARMY” (original):

img_7404 img_7405 img_7406 img_7407 img_7408 img_7409 img_7410 img_7411 img_7412 img_7413 img_7414 img_7415 img_7416 img_7417 img_7418

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